Mama's Little Helper

Mama's Little Helper

Maternity & Baby Concierge Services

"Because it takes a village to raise a child."

We have all heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child.  And yet, in this day and age, few of us have the luxury of a large support network to offer the support we need when a new baby comes along.

Happy Parents

“Natalie came to look after my newborn while I focused on my toddler. I instantly felt at ease when I met her. Natalie is so calm and reassuring – I completely trusted her with my baby. She also formed an instant rapport with my little boy – she’s a natural. I would strongly recommend her.” – Rosie


Happy Parents

“Natalie has been an indispensable help to us! Her knowledge is fantastic and she has gone out of her way to be an aid. She is such a caring person and has bonded beautifully with my son and us. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a gem!” – Sarah

If you’re

  • Sleep deprived.
  • Have a new baby and older children to look after.
  • Living in a different part of the country to your support network.
  • Not sure where to start with setting up a nursery.
  • Overwhelmed by information and choice.
  • Expecting twins or more.
  • On bed rest.
  • Expecting your first child and have little or no experience with babies.
  • Working right up to your due date and don’t have time to prepare for baby.
  • Recovering from a C-Section or have other health issues.
  • Just needing a little support and help around the home.

How I can help you.


I can help you with anything you need to help you get organised for baby’s arrival – as well as providing a wide range of support after the birth.

Product & Service Advice

As a new parent (or not so new) the world of baby products and services can be overwhelming.  It can be very time consuming sifting through the vast quantities of information available.  This is where I can help.  I will do all the research for you and spend the time investigating new products and services and sourcing what you need – based on your particular family’s requirements and budget.  My passion for searching out the best quality products and services at the best price is unparalleled (I have a great many of them myself!)

I know how hectic life can be when a new baby arrives in the family (and how tiring it can be!) so I want help you make this transition smooth and enjoyable, by helping out with all aspects of life with a new baby. Rest assured (pun intended!) I will have you feeling relaxed and organised by the time baby arrives.

My role

T hink of me as a Granny, nanny, housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, and personal assistant – all rolled into one!  I’m on hand to help with whatever you need.

I can provide a wide range of services.  Indeed, anything you need, to do with pregnancy, baby, and beyond I can help you with.

Whether it’s shopping for the nursery, or a consultation on baby wearing and cloth nappies, I have the expertise you need to help you make the tough decisions.

Do you need some sleep?  Then I can come and stay the night at your house and look after baby through the night, so you can have a full night’s sleep!

Let’s Talk

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  I can also consult via email or phone if you are unable to meet in person – whatever works best for you and your family!

My hourly rate is $35, or I can tailor a package that suits your particular requirements and budget.  Gift Certificates are also available for that perfect baby shower present.

+ 64 21 888 505

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